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Online Intake Process


Lambda Sigma Sigma Lupus Sorority, Inc. has AWESOME Educational Coordinators! We are a NON-HAZING organization! Be it physically, verbally, or financially!



Here at Lambda Sigma Sigma Lupus Sorority, Inc., becoming a member is not to be taken lightly! We are a group of like-minded women, who want to find a cure for lupus. And we are doing our very best, in order to do so. 

Your personal mission and purpose MUST be aligned with LSSLSI’s mission and purpose!! 




To support & advocate for ALL people with Lupus. And volunteer &/or financially support, various Lupus advocacy organizations.




A support system and advocate, for all people with lupus. Promoting lupus awareness, volunteering &/or raising funds, for lupus advocacy organizations and sisterhood for women 18 years of age and older, who have been diagnosed with lupus.



We HIGHLY DISCOURAGE, those interested in joining who...

      •     Only want to wear paraphernalia (jackets, t-shirts, etc.)

      •     Promote personal businesses              

      •     Seeking status

      •     Perform illegal activities 


      • Classes are held every Fall, Winter & Spring

      • 8-10 Weeks Online Course of Study using Zoom

      • 3 Classes a week…2 hours per class…Held in the evenings

      • Mandatory weekly promotion of the sorority

      • Mandatory attendance & participation in the sorority's virtual and in-person activities & events

      • Mandatory attendance at your local Lupus Related Events & Activities hosted by Lambda’s local area                  chapters or your local Lupus organizations

      • Mandatory participation, in the Pledge Class fundraiser and webinar​

      • Must host an APPROVED Lupus Awareness event/activity, prior to your crossing


      *Failure to do so, will result in the termination, of your participation


       • Female

       • Diagnosed with Lupus 

       • Be a member of the Lambda Sigma Sigma Lupus Sorority, Inc. Events & Activities Facebook Group

       • 18 years old & older

       • Mature

       • Work well with others 

       • Able to communicate with classmates and those in authority 

       • HS Diploma, GED, or Degreed

       • Friendly

       • Positive attitude 

       • Financially able to participate 

       • PASSIONATE, DEDICATED & COMMITTED, to the Mission & Purpose

       • Your personal mission & purpose to join MUST align with the sorority’s mission & purpose 

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