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What are the requirements to join?

Be a member of the Lambda Sigma Sigma Lupus Sorority Observation Group. Click Here . For additional requirements, visit the Online Intake Process page.


How do I become a member?

We want all candidates to join the Events & Activities Facebook Group. So that we can observe our prospective members, anyone who is interested in joining the sorority MUST join our Interest Group, Lambda Sigma Sigma Lupus Sorority Observation Facebook Group.



How much does it cost to join? 

Being in a sorority is VERY costly! Before applying, you must consider the cost to join (membership fee) and also your financial responsibilities of maintaining your membership (annual National dues, monthly chapter dues, fundraisers, donations, Lupus & Greek events, travel, etc.).

The Membership Packet Fee (MPF) is based on the Membership Status, that you select. In general, the MPF can range from $250.00 - $500.00, based on what items and assessments are included in the cost, such as membership card, membership certificate,  1 or 2 years annual dues, induction pin, and types of paraphernalia (shirt, jacket, sweater, blazer, bag, etc.).


How do you meet for the pledge process? 

Through our Online Intake Process (OIP). Virtual Study Sessions, using Zoom and communicating via Facebook & GroupMe.


How long is the Pledge Process?

Between 6-8 weeks. Sessions are held, 2-3 times per week. Additional time maybe needed, for Presentation rehearsals.


Can women of all races join?

Yes! The sorority is for ALL women diagnosed with Lupus. 


What is the oldest age to join? 

A woman 18 years of ages and older can join, as long as she is able to use the internet and Zoom technology. She must also be able to learn, retain, and recite all required information on command.


Is there any hazing involved?
NO! We are a non-hazing organization!


If there is not a chapter in my area, can I still join?
Yes! We have members all across the country. If there is not a chapter in your area, you will be affiliated with the nearest chapter until enough members are recruited to charter a chapter in your area.


If I am unable to travel, can I still join?
Yes! We have members who are unable to travel and those with limited mobilities. 


Can I join, if I am a member of another Greek Letter Organization (GLO)?
Being a part of any GLO requires a significant amount of time, commitment, and finances. Because LSSLSI is a PARTICIPATION based organization, we require your FULL PARTICIPATION! We strongly suggest, that if you are a member of another GLO or community service based organization, that you truly think about how you're going to spread out your time and finances. 


If I have trouble retaining information (brain fog), can I still join?

Because, knowing the sorority’s information and Greek terminology are very important parts of being in a sorority; we encourage those who are unable to learn, recite or retain information, to join our Support Auxiliary, Lambda L.A.M.S.


Can I join the sorority, if I don’t have lupus? 

We encourage those who do not have lupus, to join our Support Auxiliary, Lambda L.A.M.S.


Is it mandatory, that my personal mission and/or purpose in wanting to join the sorority, align with the mission and/or purpose of the sorority?

YES! It is MANDATORY! This Sorority was created for the purpose, to have like-minded women with Lupus come together, in an effort to find a cure! So, we need ACTIVE women who are DEDICATED to our purpose and COMMITTED for the long-term, to assist in the efforts of fulfilling the sorority’s mission.


How can I get a jacket?

In order to obtain a jacket, you MUST be a member of the sorority! You have to EARN a jacket!  

Unfortunately, there are those who want to join our sisterhood, just to get a jacket (or other paraphernalia).

This is frowned upon, in the Greek community! And considered HIGHLY DISRESPECTFUL! 

The members of LSSLSI WORK very hard, to fulfill the sorority’s Mission & Purpose. 

So, in order to EARN a jacket, you will have to participate in a certain number of webinars and/or in-person activities.

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