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LaCasha Lee

On behalf of the membership of Lambda Sigma Sigma Lupus Sorority, Inc., we welcome you to our website. 


We truly appreciate your interest in wanting to learn more about our organization. And becoming a "Lupus Soldier" Joining us on the battlefield to find a cure for this mysterious and horrible disease, that affects 1.5 million+ worldwide daily!


Lambda Sigma Sigma Lupus Sorority, Inc. is an HISTORIC and TRAILBLAZING organization! Being THE FIRST non-collegiate Greek lettered sorority, for women with Lupus, founded August 13, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois.


Message From

the Founder

We have loyal members across the country, of all ages, races, mobilities and economic backgrounds. We take pride, in being PASSIONATE and DEDICATED promoters of Lupus awareness and advocacy!

We attend various Lupus related and Greek events (in-person and virtually), to network, support and fellowship in Greek and Lupus communities. 


Our Motto, “Together Helping Exceptional Ladies Impacted by Lupus who Inform, Educate and Support, T.H.E. L.I.L.I.E.S.” embodies us, as not only an advocacy organization that promote Lupus awareness, but also a Sisterhood. 


The “Lambda Family” also consists of our Auxiliaries. LAMBDA L.A.M.S. (Lambda Lupus Army of Motivating Supporters) Support Auxiliary. This auxiliary is geared towards the families of our members and Lupus supporters over 18 yrs of age. This is great for women who do not meet the financial, academic or requirements of the sorority, who want to work with us.  

LAMBDA J.E.W.E.L.S. (Juveniles Engaging While Educating Lupus (in) Society) Youth Auxiliary, is geared towards young girls 8-17 years old, with Lupus. Also, young female relatives of the sorority, who may not have Lupus. This auxiliary gives the youth, the ability to fellowship & develop friendships with their peers. The youth also attend Lupus related events, social outings and aid in our fundraising. And are mentored by sorority members. 


We hope that you find our website informative and encouraging. In order to find a cure, Lambda Sigma Sigma Lupus Sorority, Inc. and the Lupus community, are in dire need of more committed, outgoing and positive women and men, to help us fulfill our mission! 


If you are a “Lupus Soldier”, please feel free to contact us. And we look forward to seeing YOU, on the battlefield! 



LaCasha Lee, Founder 

Lambda Sigma Sigma Lupus Sorority, Inc.

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